Elegant designed Apt with balcony & Acropolis View

Ideally located in the heart & soul of Athens City Center, and especially in the heart of Plaka, in the "Neighbourhood of Gods" as it is well known in the past, makes the apartment the best choice for everyone who needs either relax or entertainment, sightseeing, shopping and everything else who may someone needs and wants! Our elegant, full furnished, fully air conditioning, covvenient and well designed apartment, located only 350 meters from the Syntagma square, few meters from Acropolis, Parthenon and Acropolis museum, is in the heart of tradiotional Plaka, just few minutes walk from Adrian's Arch, Zappion Park, National Garden, the Parliament, Monastiraki square and Thiseio. All main cultural and business attractions are in your "arms".
Last but not least, Airport/port pick-up can be arranged and we accommodate 24hour check-in at no extra cost.
Our full furnished apartment, has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with bathtub, a double bedroom with a double bed, a convenient living room with two couches, a huge television, a dining room for 6 persons, and a double-couch-bed. Also, it is a penthouse in 3rd floor, with elevator and a huge balcony with Acropolis view that youy can relax and enjoy Athens sun and sky, day and night! Free WIFI is at your disposal as well as other exclusively selected amenities. Parking facilities, taxis, busses, subway and tourist offices are just a breath away.
When someone walks around Plaka, feels like being in a fairytale! plaka is one of the most attractive districts of Athens. Under the slopes of the Acropolis Plaka attracts all the visitors of Athens with its neoclassical mansions and houses with roofs from red tiles, its small winding roads with their steps, balconies with bougainvilleas ,geraniums and jasmines. Plaka is called many times in the Greek literature as the neighbourhood of the Gods and that because over Plaka dominates the sacred rock of the Acropolis "the sacred rock of the gods" who made the modern Athenians with the same humour like their Ancient ancestors, to personalise the Olympian gods having fun like them in Plaka with lots of Retsina wine and Dance. Sometimes being romantic on a sunny day you feel that the Greek goddess Athena looks down to Plaka with a smile in her divine face as the modern Athenians enjoy the sunshine in the street cafes at Adrianou street overlooking Thission the Ancient Agora and the rock of Arios Pagos. Today Plaka has gain back its old idyllic face. Becomes busy in sunny weekends and of course during the summer when tourist arriving there to explore its attractions, and Plaka has a lot of things to see. Museums like the children's museum in Kydathineon street and the Kanellopoulos museum just under the north slope of acropolis in Theorias street and the museum of Greek popular instruments near by. Monuments like the Lysicrates monument a monument that was build from the rich Athenian Lysicrates in 334 BC after he won the prize of the best performance that he had sponsored in the Dionysus theatre. Archaeological areas like the Greek and the Roman agora, the Hadrian's Library and the bath of the winds and other Roman monuments build mostly by the Roman emperor Hadrian, the Atallos Stoa that hosts a great collection of several artefacts that have been founded in the Area of the ancient Agora!
Busses, Underground, Taxis, Parking facilities, and tourist offices are just a breath away!!! Less than 350 meters!!
In order to be accurate, please be informed that for every 2 Persons, we will prepare one double bed. In case you need/want something different, please let us know in advance (before your arrival) in order to act accordingly. please note that is possible to be an additional fee for them. Please ask us, and we will inform you about everything in advance!
Our apartment has nothing to be jealous of a 5 star hotel!! Number of services on request (including breakfast with 5 or 6 euro per person and cleaning and housekeeping services with a small charge per person).
If you are interested in, i can arrange for you tailor made day trips in and around Athens.
From/To Airport transport or any other transport is available upon demand at an additional but very reasonable cost.
Just for clarification, the extra single bed(s) is added only in case of 5th/6th person or after request.
For your baby treasure, we can provide you baby cot, baby bath, baby food chair, and whatever else you may want, but please ask about it in advance, because for hygiene/ergonomic reasons we have some of them in our warehouse and if we have to rent them, we will inform you for the extra charge in advance -if it exists-.


We are from Greece (me from Athens and my husband-Nikos from Santorini) and We currently live in Athens. We love traveling, meeting new people, making friends and discover new way of thinking and behavior. We have just become parents and for that reason while Usually we went once per one-two months in Vienna (because we used to live there), now because of the baby we won't be able to travel easily, so being a host make us "feel" like traveling...!





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